Kirtan Yoga Festival

Join us us for twelve hours a day of enchanting Kirtans, enlightening Yoga workshops, elemental ceremonies featuring fire, water, air, ether, and earth, profound insights into Bhakti Yoga philosophies, rejuvenating nature walks and swims, cozy campfires, invigorating sauna sessions, and soothing dips in the hottub—all accompanied by the most delicious traditional Vegan Indian cuisine and under the loving guidance of Vedaji.

Yoga workshops & ceremonies:

This Yoga Festival is one in its kind because of the co- creation with Vedaji & various advanced Yoga teachers.

During the festival we offer different yogaclasses as Jivamukti Yoga (vinyasa) and Yin Yoga classes. We also offer a special space for massages and pranayama & meditation practices. You can book your massage on the spot.

Vedaji will guide us through the 5 elements as earth, water, fire, air and ether by various ceremonies connected with the elements. We will connect with nature and absorb all beauty nature has to offer us. For example a traditional fire ceremony with chanting mantras and offering rice for transformation in our lives is one of the ceremonies he offers. He will take us on mindful walks in the natural surroundings where we connect with all plants and trees and with our heart. Vedaji had endless wisdom, learned from the ancient yogatexts and realized knowledge. His workshops and classes have a practical approach, all with the main focus of healing the hearts and minds of all the beautiful souls he encounters, by sharing his heart and knowledge with us.

Vedaji quote: â€œConsciousness becomes one when there is love”


We are invited in the beautiful natural surroundings of Eibernest in Liessel. Here you can camp in nature, dive in pristine water and walk for miles. During the festival we have a sauna, hottub and cold bath waiting for you!

Weekendtickets are included:

– a campground for your own tent or camper

– use of sanitair

– use of sauna, hottub, and cold bath

– all Yoga, pranayama & meditation workshops

– music & mantra co- creations with various musicians and yourself. Bring your own instrument!

– 5 element ceremonies

– campfire stories

– delicious Vegan Indian Cuisine by Indian chef Shyam and his crew

– unlimited herbal tea

Daytickets include the same as above only without an overnight stay. Book your ticket at

Adres is: Eibernest, Hogebrug 3, 5757 RS Liessel (Google maps)

Kirtan Yoga Festival