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“I close my eyes to see” – Paul Gauguin

  • My Yoga practice is like my artistic practice, or the other way around. When I connect with my Intuition or Soul, on my yogamat or on a blank canvas, a world of Magic appears where anything is possible. For me Yoga and Art go hand in hand, dancing like our breath.

    To me colours are the language that they share, for emotion, feeling, thoughts, and even that what is beyond. 


  • Sterre is creative, curious and wise, her work is connective, mysterious and bright.

Painting and expressing myself in forms and colour has been an essential part of my life. To me it is a language, which silences everything else; sounds, thoughts, feelings and opinions, but leaves behind only a mysterious Magical light. For a while in my life I didn’t paint, because I couldn’t due to a burn-out I experienced a few years ago. I believe I lost the connection between my body and mind. Mona proposed to come and join a yoga class, and so I ended up in the early morning Spiritual Warrior class, which I basically never stopped going to… I couldn’t do most of the asana’s in the beginning, and even though I had been meditating for many years, even that was almost impossible. After a year or so, I started painting again and experienced something different than I did before. Painting to me had changed, like your breathing changes when you learn how to meditate. My painting became expressions of my Intuition, they just arrived to me while I held my paintbrush and chose the colours on my palette. Together with the paintings, my Yoga practice changed, and they started to become one and the same thing. I can only say it’s magical.

If someone asks what my “inspiration” is, I will have to answer that is and has always been Nature. We have so many healing plants and earth around us, yet we are very much unaware of that power. By working together and combining earth and soil for creation of herbal medicine and ceramic art I am looking for the knowledge and magic that the natural world can give us, so that I might share it with others. I am also a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where I am studying at the Living Matter studio. Here I focus on designing experiences and concepts with living matter, for the human senses. 

In my paintings, performances and ceramic pieces I am searching for Magic in people, nature and colour while trying to connect a pattern with Intuition and dream. You can see and read about my work on my website;